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Fielded Text:


"Fielded Text" trademark owned by Paul Klink

This page describes the licensing relevant to Fielded Text.

The trademark "Fielded Text" is claimed by Paul Klink in the area of Computer Software and Information Technology

You are free to use this trademark without any licensing requirement provided that the software or information technology it refers to conforms with the Fielded Text standard specified on the this website's "Standard" page

The reason for claiming this Trademark is to encourage compliance across all implementations of this Standard.  This will facilitate users being able to confidently exchange Fielded Text files (and their Meta files) without having to worry about which implementation the files were created or parsed with.

The standard for Fielded Text is specified by the "Fielded Text Standard" document on the "Standard" web page. Copyright for this document is owned by Paul Klink.

All software listed on the "Software" page is subject to the respective developer/publisher's licence