Introductory FAQ

Is Fielded Text a standard for CSV files?

Yes. But it covers a lot more than just CSV files.

What's the point of a standard for CSV files?

Briefly, the main advantages are:

What if my file is not in a CSV format?

Fielded Text was designed to cover all kinds of text files containing tables of values. This includes files with fixed length fields and even files with lines containing different sets of fields.

Can Fielded Text be used now?

Yes. The components and editors pages contain links to software which implement Fielded Text - including free software.

Can I develop my own software which uses Fielded Text?

Yes. The standard is here. Also Xilytix have released some Open Source Fielded Text software which may be easier to start from.

I have developed my own Fielded Text component/editor/software. Can I get it listed here?

Definitely! Just email the Web Admin details about your software

Where can I find more information?

More information can be found at:

Welcome to the Fielded Text website

Here you will find both an introduction to the Fielded Text standard and the detailed reference which defines the Fielded Text standard.  This site also contains links to components and editors which implement or use the Fielded Text standard.

What is Fielded Text?

Fielded Text is a proposed standard which provides structure and schema definition to text files which contain tables of values (for example, CSV files).  The standard allows the format and structure of the data within the text file to be specified by a Meta file.  This Meta file can then be used to access the data in the file in manner similar to which data is accessed in a database.

Refer to the Introduction web page to find out more about Fielded Text.


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